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Worrying reports from Belgium: Israelis are cast as "blood-drinkers"

"This is brutal stuff. It remains unclear for us exactly how such a culture of vehement anti-Semitism can be allowed to develop."

Source: Norway, Israel and the Jews (AKP-ml and the Brussels connection):

We keep receiving worrying reports from Belgium. Here is an excerpt from Philosemitism, on how Israelis are cast as “blood-drinkers”:

“Ohhhh. Bravo. No blood money. (Applause) Cheers Israël. Ohhhhhh. (Applause) I love blood. Have a glass of wine. I love blood. Have a glass of wine.” ["Ohhhh. Bravo. Pas d'argent au sang. A Israël. Ohhhhhh. (Applaudissements) J'aime le sang. Un petit verre de sang. J'aime le sang. Un petit verre de sang."] (Anti-Israël demonstration in Brussels, 12 May 2010) (Manif à Bruxelles contre les buveurs de sang israéliens: "J'aime le sang. Un petit verre de sang.")

This is brutal stuff. It remains unclear for us exactly how such a culture of vehement anti-Semitism can be allowed to develop. Perhaps the Norwegian communist movement AKP-ml have provided assistance?

The translation below is from the book “Den store ML-boka” (The great book on Marxist-Leninism) by Jon Rognlien and Nikolai Brandal. The Norwegian Maoist movement AKP-ml (Arbeidernes Kommunistiske Party – marxist leninistene) is a thing of the very recent past which disolved in the eighties. Elements of it has survived in the party Rødt (Red) of which Mads Gilbert is a prominent member, as well as in the anti-racist organization SOS Rasisme. One old AKP-ml member is Sigurd Allern, who is now professor of Journalism. Another is editor of Aftenposten Hilde Haugsgjerd. One example of the journalists who Haugsgjerd employs is Lars Akerhaug.

AKP-ml and Belgium

Belgium has in our interviews been mentioned as an example of a country where the Marxist-Leninist movements stood strongly. AKP is to have had a farflung cooperation with Belian comrades. To our question on how this cooperation was structured, Klassekampen’s foreign affairs-journalist over many years Peter M. Johansen answers:

"AKP cooperated with PvDA (Partij van der Arbeid), in French PTB. The party is nation-wide and bilingual – the official party speeches, for example May 1st, are held in both languages, switch from Flemish to French several times with translations on powerpoint – as one of the few parties in Belgium.

AKP strengthened the connections to PTB right before the middle of the 80-ies, in spite of PTB’s new foreign policy approach, which we disagreed in. Out interest was based on PTB’s sold work in the class strife in Belgium (reference is made to the coal mine battles in Limburg in the 80-ies) and solid analysis of the evolution of capitalism (flexibility etc) which AKP had great use of. Moreover PTB had an organizational strength which was impressive.

On a parallel with the labor movement / worker’s battles PTB has always been strong within international work. We have cooperated within several fields, among other health work in Palestine and the 3rd world. PTB furthermore has many doctors who are committed to the fight to supply affordable health (services) to the people in Belgium (Geneeskunde van het Volk).

PTB has always been an important nexus for AKP with regards to international contacts with their contacts in Africa (Kongo etc) and Latin-America. PTB has has as its goal to dvelop a new international (something AKP did not find fruitful) and we had differing views on party connections: AKP disregarded its “sister-party politics” from the middle of the 80-ies. This is a policy which Rødt (Red-Political Party sired by remnants of AKP) continues (eg. Visits SP in the Netherlands, MLPD and Die Linke in Germany, PTB in Belgium, CPP in the Phillipines, both the Enhedsliste (Unity-list) and DKP in Denmark etc).

PTB arranges International Communist Seminars every year in Brussel (which sprang out of more closed-in maoist party meetings which AKP participated in every year during the 80-ies). This is an “open forum” with one of more joint resolutions from each seminar. AKP/Rødt has not been able to sign the main resolution because the analysis of the Soviet Union as socialist all the way up to Jeltsin contrasts with AKP’s fundamental view).

Belgian comrades have been to AKP’s summer camps, at regular intervals, and AKP’ers in the Labor movement have visited Belgium. [16]

[16] Peter M.Johansen in an e-mail to Jon Rognlien, September 9th 2009."

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