jeudi 28 octobre 2010

Belgian boycott Israel "success story"

Perseverance pays.  After two years of unrelenting efforts 78 NGOs (repeat 78 NGOs after a two-year campaign - since November 2008) have scored a major success against Israel. 

Belgian newspaper Le Soir - a great promoter of Israel boycotts and punishments - reports that 15 account holders with the Belgian-French Dexia Bank had closed down their accounts in protest at Dexia's operations in the West Bank "colonies" ("settlements" in French with a nasty connotation). 

Fifteen customers is a remarkable number considering that Dexia, being a major European bank, probably has hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers.  But as the Quebec-Israel Committee rightly points out : "Since its launch in Quebec, the BDS campaign has achieved nothing but dismal failures ; failures which it amazingly claims as successes, thanks to an absurd rhetoric that only seem to fool its own followers". Hopefully Le Soir readers will not be fooled either !

The anti-Israel militants are anti-US too.

For more details see: Presse belge: les Belges "réussissent" une opération de boycott contre Israël

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