mercredi 4 novembre 2009

Véronique De Keyser: "One must wring the neck of the European and German culpability on the Shoah"

In April, Belgian MEP Véronique De Keyser (Socialist Party (francopphone)), pasionaria of the Palestinian cause and harsh critic of Israel, in a most dramatic outpouring informed a group of MEPs that: "If the Israeli ambassador comes in the future to speak of Israel’s security, I feel like I want to strangle him." De Keyser then praised the "moderation and maturity" of the Palestinians.

The EJP reported: "De Keyser also used the opportunity to call on the German EU presidency "to make a difference in its positions between the Holocaust against the Jews and the current policy of the State of Israel" and spoke out against what she called the "European and German culpability" on the Holocaust. While stressing the horror of the Holocaust, she said: "One must wring the neck of the European and German culpability on the Shoah.""

In 2004, De Keyser visited Israel and declared on Belgian national TV that the security wall was in fact an "apartheid wall" which called up the image of a "concentration camp". This month, at the European Parliament, the indefatigable Véronique De Keyser once again called Gaza a "ghetto" where "people are dying little by little with cameras trained on them."

The EU Monitoring Centre definition of anti-Semitism includes: "Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis". Why is it that when Ms De Keyser uses words with unmistakable Nazi connotations such as "ghetto", "apartheid", "concentration camp", there is no reaction from either the European Parliament or the European Commission?

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